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Collier County  
  florida-everglades.com  (See Description)
  marco-island-florida.com  (See Description)
  floridahistory.org/westcoastfla/marcois  (See Description)
  nps.gov  Everglades   (See Description)
  fws.gov Ten Thousand Islands
This site provides maps and other information for those interested in hiking or paddling along the Everglades. Areas of interest in the southwest include The Big Cypress National Preserve in Ochopee (239-695-1201), the Everglades National Park’s Gulf Coast Visitors Center in Everglades City (239-695-3311), the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park in Copeland (239-695-4593), the Collier-Seminole State Park in Naples (239-394-3397), the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Naples (239-417-6310), and the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in Naples (239 353-8442).
  nps.gov  Big Cypress  (See Description)
Lee County
  efwefla.org/    (See Description)
  calusalandtrust.org/   (See Description)
  greatcalusablueway.com/ create visible public outreach programs (archaeological/heritage tourism)     (See Description)
  fws.gov/dingdarling/     (See Description)
  bocagrandehistoricalsociety.com/     (See Description)
  flmnh.ufl.edu/rrc/index.htm    Randell Research Center    (See Description)
  http://www.audubonswfl.org/   Audubon of Southwest Florida, Inc. (interested in restoring the Everglades, and in conserving rural lands in our area, many of which likely have cultural resources)
  www.tradershitchingpost.com    This store (which sells art inspired by Native American craftsmanship, especially that made from silver and turquoise) in Matlacha supports the Florida Public Archaeology Network and has allowed us to join them at local events to promote our educational programs.
Charlotte County
  charlottecountyfl.com/historical/histcontacts.asp   (See Description)
Hendry County
  This website relates information about tourism in Hendry County.     visithendrycounty.com/
  www.flheritage.com is a very useful resource for many aspects of Florida archaeology. Some of the most frequently asked questions are about human burials, and about how to obtain permission to dig archaeological sites. See the information below, or learn who to contact for specific information. Unmarked burial law- it is unlawful to disturb unmarked human burials; these may be ancient graves, or more recent pauper cemeteries (flheritage.com/archaeology/cemeteries/
(The complete language of Chapter 872 is available here: flheritage.com/archaeology/cemeteries/
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