The latest information

The property owner has canceled the event on his property. Pine Island ClamJam will not be re-scheduled this year.

The COSL Board released the following message;

"Organizers and the host organization, Center for Organic and Sustainable Living (COSL), had hoped to re-schedule the event after it was canceled by the farm owner due to flooding of the main parking field before the event. Concerns over continued El Nino rain patterns and the recent closure of clam harvesting due to red tide made the prospect of another cancelation likely. The Board of COSL would like to thank all those who gave their time, effort and money in support of the event, and everyone who helped Lisa at the Olde Fish House by purchasing clams intended for ClamJam. We also thank everyone for the patience shown our young organization as it has navigated through this learning experience. COSL was able to pay off suppliers and marketing, and for the moment appears to have avoided insolvency. Holders of advance tickets purchased at the Chamber of Commerce will need to seek refunds at the Chamber office. COSL is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and as such its books are open to the public. Please call Bill Wright at 239-872-9039 for further information."

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