The image above of the Golden Mask was photographed by Pine Island News almost fifty years ago right after its discovery. It's about 3.5 in. long. The outline is to provide an image of the carvings which are little more than faint scratches on the gold.

Pineland Archaeology

Southwest Florida

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Archaeology in Pineland, Florida and Surrounding Areas
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Randell Research Center, home to the Calusa Heritage Trail, a state-owned archaeological site which is open to the public 363 days a year and which is part of the Florida Museum of Natural History, at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The Florida Legislature established FPAN with the goal “to help stem the rapid deterioration of this state’s buried past and to expand public interest in archaeology.” 

The program has three components:

Public Outreach and Education in the
Sunshine State:
Create visible public outreach programs (archaeological/heritage tourism)
Form partnerships with other heritage organizations
Provide information on archaeological sites and issues to the public
Promote regional heritage events and programs
Support and encourage archaeological volunteer opportunities

  Support local governments in the effort to preserve archaeological resources (ordinances, comprehensive plan elements, and preservation plans)
Assistance to Local Governments:
Provide professional archaeological assistance with local archaeological emergencies
  Advise local governments on the management of municipal and county-owned sites
Assist the Division of Historical Resources:

Promote Division programs (including grants)
Provide venues and professional assistance for regional training opportunities
Refer local inquiries to the appropriate Division office or staff member
Distribute literature promulgated by the Division
Help identify local archaeological sites for the National Register
All Aspects of Cultural History
Even thought it may sound like a Public Archaeology Center only focuses on the past, I assure you it is also focused on other aspects of cultural history (with or without the benefit of written records), including historic architecture, oral traditions, native perspectives, ethnic identity, art, warfare, recreation, religion, politics, sexuality, work, food, family units (however they may be defined), and really anything else that makes us human. This is because archaeology is focused on PEOPLE, and the pasts that we are interested in are not always so ancient. Some archaeologists even study trash discarded as recently as a few years ago (but, we don’t do that at our center!).




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